Matt or Scottie (HI Sports Club)

Could you (or someone) please post a schedule of the Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club speakers? I’ve tried looking at the NWA Deal Piggy site, but it is nearly impossible to navigate. I thought the luncheons were on Wednesdays and I totally missed that there was one today.
The only thing that I could find just now referred to a luncheon from last fall.

Here are the upcoming speakers that I’m aware of:

Maria Fassi - Sept. 21
Ben Cleveland - Sept. 28
Hunter Yurachek - Oct. 12

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This was a one-off Tuesday meeting due to a scheduling conflict.

Ben Cleveland is one of my favorite Hogs. He was the only one of the Springdale 5 that stuck it out on the hill. His seal blocs on the corners were a thing of beauty and sprang those 3 hoss RB’s many times. He was a good one.

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