Matt or Scottie? 2023 Hogspys awards

do you guys know who won what? Anna P mentions it and posts a bit on instagram and I saw tickets were available for the Walton Center but it happened April 22?

Hogspy Awards

Arkansas student-athletes will be recognized and honored for their athletic and academic accomplishments over the past year at the Fourth Annual HOGSPY Awards ceremony. The purpose is to celebrate the achievements of the year in front of all 19 Razorback teams, coaches and department staff. Presentations will be made to male and female recipients of various awards including the Distinguished Leaders Award, Rookie of the Year, Top Graduating Senior, and Student-Athletes of the Year.

All I know about it is that Bobby Bones was the host for the night.

soccer team will have loved that, they are really good and have even more fun.

Female Newcomer of the Year – Ackera Nugent

Male Newcomer of the Year – Jaydon Hibbert

Female Top Play of the Year – Britton Wilson

Male Top Play of the Year – Carey McLeod

Female Comeback Player of the Year – Frankie Price

Male Comeback Player of the Year – Davonte Davis

Community Service – Claire Slaughter and Rhett Nelson

Razorback and Champion for Life – Paris Peoples

I’m assuming Wilson’s top play was her collegiate-record 400 at the NCAA indoor meet, and McLeod’s was for his winning long jump that tied a Jamaican record.

Why didn’t this get more publicity?

Not even anything about it at the UA website.

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Just strange. You have an event that is trying to copy the ESPY’s and there is no media there?
I don’t get it.
Seems like a missed opportunity to me.

Thanks very much Matt,it was a no pub event even though tickets were sold and Bobby Bones pleased himself.

I only knew from Podojil’s IG, then found a way to buy tickets but after the event had happened and it is a continually ongoing celebratio.

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