Matt or Clay: Regarding weather and the impact on winning the SEC Championship

Here’s a question for Matt or Clay…tried to research (for a few minutes) and did not find an answer.

Tie-breakers are one thing; but what happens when teams play a different number of games due to cancellations/rainouts? Do they go by the old “games back” or do they use winning percentage?

Here’s an example. Vandy is currently 17-9 in SEC play with hapless Kentucky coming to town. Assuming they play all 3 and sweep, they would be 20-9 (.6896). We sit at 19-8 (.7037). I expect we’ll be able to get 1 or 2 games in this weekend, if not all 3.

For the purposes of this question, let’s assume we DON’T play any of the 3 games. By the old “games back” method, we’d be tied with the 'Dores (i.e., they would not be any games back). However, we have the better winning percentage…so I believe that would make us the overall Champions (this example excludes other teams that might be involved). Is that correct?

If we’re having rain issues, I assume some/many of the other SEC venues probably are as well. It may come down to who can or can’t play all of their games this weekend. There are too many permutations to list.

According to the SEC rulebook, the champion will be the team with the highest win percentage. So a 20-9 Vanderbilt team would have a higher win percentage than a team with a 20-10 record.

I posted this in another thread, but games this weekend will be allowed Sunday if the series are not completed by Saturday, as long as the outcome of those games will have an impact on the conference race or seedings in Hoover.

Thanks for clarifying, but the second part of your answer was off point. a 20-10 team would ALWAYS finish second to a 20-9 team, whether you were using the percentage OR the “games back” method. I was specifically asking about a situation where neither team was “games back” from another (said another say, they had both won the same number of games over .500). As per the example I provided.

But the main point is that percentage dictates the standings, which is what I expected but did not know for sure. Thanks for confirming.

Furthermore, I believe the other main takeaway is that IF we are totally rained out…or if we were only able to play one game and we won it, we’d clinch the title. No one else could catch us (percentage). Even if Vandy and Tennessee were to sweep their respective series, their winning percentage would fall short of ours.

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