Matt or anyone who might know

Phil was talking on radio during today’s game that Auburn’s pitching coach is a volunteer. Are we just spoiled at Arkansas or are their other pitching coaches in the SEC who also are volunteers? It certainly would be interested to know.


When you’ve made millions in the bigs, it’s easy to go back to your alma mater and be a volunteer.

That’s Tim Hudson, former Tiger, Oakland A, and Atlanta Brave. Also likely to be future hall-of-famer.

David Price could do it at Vandy one day if he wanted. Or Max Scherzer at Mizzou.

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Tim Hudson is going back to school at Auburn. Abnormal situation, to be sure.

I’d add that I think Butch Thompson is the real pitching coach at Auburn.

Cannot be a paid coach until you have a college degree. Limits what you can do on/off the field, too.

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