Matt or anyone who knows

I had tickets for tonight’s game are they good for tomorrow or am I just out off luck?

I’m sure that they will be good tomorrow, at least for game 1. They should be able to go into the ticket system and erase all scanned tickets (including mine).

Tickets will be good for game 1.

Actually, they have already updated the tickets in your wallet. I know of someone who freaked out because he couldn’t find his ticket, until he noticed that it had been reset for tomorrow at 1 PM.

We had our electronic tickets scanned tonight not long before the official postponement was announced. The ticket supervisor told us anyone with a Friday ticket will be admitted tomorrow at 1, regardless of how well or poorly the electronic system handles things.

My tickets have already been updated.

Yeah when I first looked at that I thought I had mistakenly bought double tickets to today and didn’t have them for first game.


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