Matt/Opening Day

Every time I look at Friday’s forecast it gets colder. At present high of 39 with NW wind of 10 to 20 MPH. Not very good baseball weather. Is there a possibility of canceling and playing DH on Saturday? I have been going since 96 and to my memory no opening day has ever been cancelled. Saturday forecast at present is high of 45 and wind shifts out of SW at 5-10 mph. Definitely better than Friday’s! Thanks.


I don’t think the game will be postponed because of cold weather. I’ve seen them play through much colder. The key will be whether it rains.

A few years ago we played a non conference game with wind chills below freezing. After the game Van Horn said he wouldn’t play in those conditions again! Seems like Friday will be close to that! We could play DH on Saturday with much better weather with high close to 50 and winds out of SW not NW. If weather changes to be warmer that’s different but at present I don’t see that happening! They are now calling for snow showers Friday morning with possible up to 1 inch! I know that’s possibility but that’s not safe for players or coaches to play in those conditions!

I’ve been pretty down about missing out on baseball games this season after moving to Columbia, but I’m honestly glad the distance takes the decision out of my hands this weekend. It’s been the coldest winter I’ve ever experienced, although I’ve never lived this far north, and I just don’t think I’d go sit through it at this point.

Friday here has a high of 22 with an 80% chance of snow, so its a good thing Mizzou baseball will be playing in Florida this weekend. I’ll make it down for a conference series or two when the weather warms up, but I think this weekend I’ll crank up the heater and put the game up on my new projector. Hats off to those of you toughing it out!

I think the best option is to play a doubleheader on Saturday. They can let Eastern Illinois practice in the indoor facility Friday. Seems like a good idea. But, like Matt said, Van Horn generally looks at temps of over 35 as playable. I will be behind a glass window so it doesn’t matter to me.

It hasn’t been too cold in Fayetteville this winter. It always amazes me how much different the weather is north of I-44. During that cold snap you all had a couple of weeks ago, I looked at the temperature difference. It was 3 in Kansas City, 33 here.

I show High of 40 on Friday with a breeze blowing out. I bet they play.

Don’t rub it in, Clay.