Matt on DC

Do you think we will have a DC end of week?

Who really knows, but I sure hope this gets resolved by then. Otherwise, it will be a very distracted coaching staff and team of players going into practice week prior to the bowl. You almost get the impression that the bowl is a virtual non-priority this week anyway. On the offensive side, KJ will have to really work with whatever receivers we have left. On the defensive side, who is coaching them up for the bowl game? If CSP is still having to look for staff next week, I almost dread seeing how this bowl game plays out - even it is a lower-tier bowl game. I’m pretty sure CSP will be pushing it as the first game of a new season to the players.

Brian Knorr - Air Force ???

My assumption has been the coordinator will be in place by the start of the signing period next Monday, but I don’t know for sure.

what are hearing as far as who it might be? Collins from GT seems to have some legs.

No offense to Matt, but if these hires (DC and TE) go anything like the other hires for Pittman, they will be broken by the reporter that covers the other team… seems to me that has always been the case since the initial staff…also it seems like these hires are taking the same time… I don’t think we will hire anyone not employed… but I agree, I’d sure like some names too.

Brian Williams - Maryland
One of the best recruiters in college football.


Williams certainly has the reputation of recruiting ability and developing players also. He also has some SEC stops as well. Hopefully he is in the mix. Can we sweeten the pot so this doesn’t have the look of a lateral move.

Is this something your hoping or have you heard something

Another board has posted that the UA jet was in Baltimore last night (13th). Posters on the Maryland page of that site have a thread going about “Arkansas Poaching BWill”. This rumor may have better legs than others…

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Please let it be true and he comes to the Hill.

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Lance Thompson is also on that Maryland staff…. Lance and coach Pittman go way back .


I had not thought of the coaching search in this way but what Kevin Kelley said in an interview makes sense.

“I don’t want us to go get a DC from a school that’s way better than us. I know that sounds crazy, but if we go get an LSU defensive coordinator, or Alabama’s, they’re used to playing with freak shows. We don’t have freak shows back there in our secondary and at linebacker. And it’s a little easier to call defenses when you’ve got those guys. I want a guy that has had a little less talent, but performed extremely well anyway defensively, and that’s what I hope.”


My only question about him is…his bio lists all his stops in SEC, coached in 8 national championship games, a Nick Saban disciple, etc. but why was he at Florida Atlantic from 2019-2021 and took an assistant job at Maryland? How did he end up at FAU and Maryland and out of the SEC?

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Williams wasn’t at Florida Atlantic. Thompson was.

Correct and I know that…I was replying to Citgeauxhog’s post 1 post above mine about Thompson. I thought I hit the reply button on his post but I guess not

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Thompson worked for Will Muschamp at SoCar. That last year he was the Poultry DL coach and associate head coach; they went 7-6 but gave up a lot of points, even in games they won (35+ five times). My guess is he took the fall for that. Was that a coaching problem or a talent problem? Dunno.

Sadly, this makes sense.


I don’t really know, but I think he was there with Lane for a bit , and went to Maryland when the OC that replaced Lane at BAMA , Locksley took the Maryland job…