Matt: off-the-wall question re scholarship athletes

Years ago, many scholarship athletes, particularly football players, majored in physical education (HPER) to be certified to coach high school athletics. In the present day, it seems like many athletes major in things like sports management, recreation management, and general studies. Many of the more scientific-minded athletes seem to major in things like kinesiology or exercise science. Why has physical education fallen off as a major among athletes?

I’m not sure. Maybe one of the educators on our board have some insight.

Kinesiology and exercise science are essentially the same thing. UA does not have a PE bachelor’s degree any more; the undergraduate degree is in exercise science, but you can get a master’s in PE or exercise science.

I’ve noticed a lot of athletes majoring in recreation and sport management. There’s also a master’s in that field.

The U of A seems to have a program at the bachelor’s level. Coaching credentials seem to be extra.

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