Matt: Noland and Wicklander

From what I gather, it is questionable whether Noland and Wicklander, as good as they have been in the past, will gain spots as Friday/Saturday starters this coming season. Are they injured / hampered right now? Can they be Sunday starters / long relievers this season?

Wicklander seemed to get better as the fall went on, Noland struggled. But they have SEC starting experience and that’s worth something. I think they’ll both have the chance in the nonconference games, however many that may be, to pitch themselves into or out of the rotation. If they decide to play conference-only like football, that could be interesting.

I think DVH’s comments about having a lot of pitching talent on the team were kind of meant to serve as a challenge/warning to the some of the holdovers.

Wicklander was really good in last two starts in fall. Velocity was up an location of breaker good.

Noland was up and down. He’s the one who needs to show something over next couple of months.

Tells you something about our pitching depth… this season can’t get here fast enough.

First, I don’t know how I missed your question posed to me a week ago. My apologies for the delay.

I think Wicklander and Noland will be given every opportunity to start because of their experience. That is valuable. But I think there is going to be a lot more competition to start in 2021 than there has been in either of the past two years. There might be as many as seven or eight weekend-caliber starters on this team.

I thought Noland was going to have a strong sophomore season before the pandemic. He was pitching well.

I would go with Wicklander,Vermilion and Morris.

Pitching still isn’t that good compared to other SEC squads.

Noland must do well in practice. He, to me, has been fairly underwhelming. If anything he seems like a Sunday starter to me.

Noland has been up and down, no doubt, but he pitched pretty well to start last season. His ERA was 2.00 through three starts and he had 19 strikeouts to four walks through 18 innings. He looked great against an overmatched EIU lineup, but I also thought he pitched well against a good Oklahoma team. And I wonder how much the injury that ultimately forced him out against Oklahoma might have affected him throughout the game.

I think he’s still growing as a pitcher; he’s only 18 months into being a full-time baseball player. He just has to be more consistent. I don’t think he has been as steady as you would like a No. 1 starter to be, but I’m not sure anyone on Arkansas’ roster was in 2020. Or maybe the bar has just been set real high for that role based on the way Knight and Campbell pitched during their final seasons.

Noland is a different type of pitcher than those two. He’s not going to throw 95 all game and he’s going to pitch to contact more.

I didn’t think Noland pitched well when I saw him in the fall, but that was only two outings. He probably had four or five other outings that only the coaches and players saw. I don’t know how he looked in those.

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