Matt: No streaming of Friday's baseball game?

Matt, I’m reading elsewhere that there will be no streaming of Friday’s baseball game against Louisiana Tech. Not enough cameras on campus. Is that because there’s also gymnastics on Friday evening?

I wrote about it last month. From what I was told then, there is too much else going on that day on campus with the gymnastics meet and the softball game, which is a conference game. There are some expanded softball replay requirements that require additional resources this year.

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What is the new mandated softball replay requirement(s)?

What a sad reality…

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Well crap. I hate to drive all the way from LR just so I can see a non-conference game, but I might just do it.

Presumably they want more camera angles for review purposes than we would normally have deployed at Bogle.

Seems that some additional hardware purchases are in order here. Now whether the on-campus control center can’t handle all this streaming either is another question (and I’m guessing that is part of the problem). Which can’t be fixed just by buying a few more cameras.

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A little research is likely in order before too many comments. SECN and Learfield are providing funding for coverage and this made be a delay with need not yet addressed. Money certainly doesn’t seem to be short with programs not exceeding their previous budgets. Matt, is there someone in the athlete department available to answer your questions concerning our capabilities when compared to the other SEC top tier programs? As for example, if SEC requiring a higher number cameras and crews, is this resource need coordinated with SEC/SECN/ESPN to increase specific payments to each school in amount to cover their Men and Women’s programs?

Remember, as Matt noted in his post, there is a Gym’backs meet on Friday evening. There is a lot going on that night.

Well it’s probably not going to be a very exciting offensive game that night anyway.

La Tech is throwing that very tough LH that totally shut us down 2 years ago. We were a little bit more successful last year against him but he has got very good stuff and really knows how to pitch…

Hagen is throwing the ball so well for us I don’t expect it to be a whole lot of scoring in Friday night’s game at all so we might not be missing a whole lot anyway…I’ll just have to live stat it

Phil and Bubba for me, I think.

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Just FYI, the game’s at 3 p.m. on Friday.

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I think you are maybe confusing them with a different team.

Arkansas did not play Louisiana Tech last year and Whorff, the left-hander who pitched the complete game, is gone this year.

Okay I could have sworn we have faced the LH pitcher Jonathan fincher two times one time he did great against us the second time we did a little better against him

Ok thanks

The bottom line is that Arkansas currently does not have the capability to independently broadcast three events on campus the same day. It can independently broadcast two events, and for various reasons softball and gymnastics take priority Friday.

I understand the limitation due to current capacities. My question is related how our campus compares to UGA, LSU, UF, BAMA, etc. and to what extent is the SEC taking a position with it contractors (SECN - ESPN/ABC) to secure funding to improve campus capacities. For example, several months Learfield was undertaking the development of a new production center on the BAMA campus. The news article I read was a report from a BAMA BOT meeting regarding the project. Another area for exploration on our campus might be around the current plans to expand capacities. More crews …more equipment, etc. Thanks for your follow up.

I don’t think it’s a bodies issue. There are only so many control rooms to run the video boards and the broadcasts.

Arkansas spent $8 million in 2014 dollars to build the broadcast command center at Bud Walton Arena. I don’t know how that compares to other schools, but from what I’ve observed, it seems Arkansas and Texas A&M have the best TV production units in the conference. The arrangement has worked well for Arkansas with very few decisions like the one this week having to be made.

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I know the athletic department had to spend several million to put in the control room and add equipment and staff in order to comply with the needs required with the launch of the SEC Network. I doubt they see a need to add more staff and equipment to handle a once a year, or less, occasion of having 3 sporting events on the same day.