Matt keep giving your "best guess"

…for bowl. Obviously I read your thoughts from last night. We won’t hold you to it if you are wrong come Sunday but your informed speculation is welcomed by those of us far from Fayetteville.

I don’t have a best guess at this point. The only thing I know for sure is that we’ll find out the destination Sunday between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

I felt very confident about Nashville before last weekend, but the Tennessee loss and Kentucky win changed that game’s thinking in a hurry.

I do know is that Jacksonville and Nashville definitely have interest in Arkansas. Memphis, Birmingham and Shreveport would all be happy to have the team, but those seem less likely based on the picking order and the Razorbacks playing in Memphis last year. I would not rule any of them out based on some conversations I’ve had with people in the bowl world.

I see all of these reports about Charlotte, but I’m not sure if that is speculation (which I suspect) or if there is legitimate interest on that bowl’s part. I think Arkansas would be a terrible fit for that bowl game from the perspective of how much interest it would generate. I have reached out to the Belk Bowl director a couple of times to ask him about the bowl’s interest in Arkansas, but he has been out of town both times. I have not read any reports quoting Belk Bowl officials, so the perceived interest there is based on the prediction pieces published by ESPN, Sports Illustrated and others.

I wish Charlotte was a “good fit”. It’s a great city, but probably not the best for us. XNA does have a direct flight. If we go there I could give advice on enjoying the city. I lived there.

The direct flight may help a little, but it has been my experience that most people who go to the bowls want to drive. That’s why the Dallas, Shreveport and Memphis games have always been such good draws. The expenses (and oftentimes travel) associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas make it to where several don’t want to or can’t pay for a big trip that time of year.

I have heard a lot of great things about Charlotte. I’ve only ever flown through. Is it anything like the Raleigh area?

I don’t think Shreveport would be that bad… Its close to home, fans could attend and we would gain a lot form a recruiting standpoint.

Why could we just not request that bowl game?

Charlotte is great. Love the Uptown area. If we get the Belk Bowl I’ll likely go (living only 3 hrs away). Also, stick around through the New Year. Hornets v Cavs in the Spectrum on Dec 31.

Prestige, for one thing. Shreveport is the worst bowl on the SEC list. Three out of the last four years, in fact, they didn’t get an SEC team because we ran out of bowl-eligible schools before we ran out of bowls. They will get one this year, since we have 11 bowls and 12 bowl-eligible teams thanks to Moo U’s fairly high APR. Moo U may wind up in Fort Worth, which is not an SEC bowl. It’s looking like Vandy in Shreveport, maybe South Carolina. The other one will be in Birmingham, which is the other SEC basement bowl.

Someone in the “Tier of Six” will take us. Question is, who. Memphis and Houston are probably out because we went there in the last two years. That leaves the other ones we’re discussing. We seem to be third on Nashville’s wish list. I think Jacksonville wants Florida, but they won’t get them, and I think we would be a strong candidate to go there from a story I read on the Jacksonville paper’s website. Outback ain’t happening. Houston is pretty much a lock for A&M.

After the trip to Shreveport in 97 I swore I’d never go back. Anybody who thinks WMS is a dump should catch a game in Shreveport, it makes WMS look like the taj mahal. No Thanks.

Mark Schlabach is as tied into the bowl circuit as any reporter. He tweeted this about the Razorbacks this morning, which kind of reinforces that nothing is settled yet.

Matt…Charlotte’s a great town. Beautiful, lot’s of things to do and a lot more “real North Carolinians” than Raleigh. I grew up in NC and still have a lot of friends all over the state. A ton of people from the Northeast have moved into the Raleigh area and changed the dynamic of it. Some good and some bad but Raleigh’s still a great area. The people in Charlotte are really friendly and I’m going for sure if that’s where we’re headed to.