Matt Jones..."It's all mental."

Agreed, HarleyHawg. I’ve never heard a complaint. Every time I hear him talking about how strong the SECW is, he was talking it up. Yes, he chose the “rate” and it will determine his “fate.” We’ll find out if he’s capable of competing or not against the Big Boys of the SECW.

Aloha HarleyHawgidson,

IMHO, by constantly chirping/ commenting about the Hogs schedule difficulty, CBB is planting the seed of an excuse for their losses. Why else does he constantly discuss it with everyone who will listen? Of all of the SEC coaches, I hear/ read about him discussing/commenting about the Hog’s difficult schedule of playing in the SEC West more than anyone else. He needs to stop discussing about the schedule difficulty. It is a negative thought with his coaches and players and an excuse for his record.

Thats simply not true.

ALL of the coaches say how tough the conf is.
You just here his comments because its your team. Saban, Gus and especially Butch jones always talk about the strength of the SEC

I have never heard 1 complaint from him about being here.

Why would u leave the B 10 if u were worried about competition??? He could have been in the same seat at WIS and win his side of the B10 which was the weaker by far