Matt: Is there anywhere online to show different sections

of Baum Walker Stadium before I order my tickets. I know I have scene something like that before but can’t seem to locate it now. I know I will have to change sections for different games and it sure would help.



I’m not sure, but I know we have others on here who have gone through the selection process already. I’m tagging some to see if they can help you.

@southpaw @worldseriesofporker

My picture is too big to load, if I find time, I’ll try to resize it.

Here is the section layout from the Arkansas Ticket site.


Google Baum Stadium and you can get a good map. I had one printed out when I ordered.

All 4 sections between home plate and 3rd are not available as the seats are reserved for players families. I have no idea why they need that many seats.

The best I remember there is also a drop down showing the stadium layout at the ordering site.

Thank you very much. I know I will get not my usual section. I think they used to put this online but that has been awhile and they always put it in the Baseball Book they send out to all season ticket holders but I would imagine that has been cut back due Covid. Anyway thanks again for the information nice to have fans like you. Go Hogs!

I would love to be in my regular section, but there is no way that I’m paying $45/ticket if I can find something else.

106-109 $45
103-105 $30
110-113 players
98-102 $15
114-118 $15
BP1&2 $15

Rice is correct, but section 103-105 prices are $20 for some nonconference games. $30 for conference games.

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