Matt, is Blaine's arm soreness an issue?

Do we need to pitch another “Sunday” or Midweek game tomorrow and rest him? Tomorrow’s game and the useless SEC tourney are less important than having fresh arms for an NCAA drive to the finish.

I’ve been told that it’s nothing serious. It would probably take Arkansas getting to the SEC semifinal for him to pitch in Hoover.

Not bad enough to keep him from pitching today. We’ll see how effective he is.

The thing to remember about Blaine is that he has never thrown as much as he has this season. And for someone who is about 165 pounds to throw as hard as Blaine, that many innings in a relatively short amount of time requires a lot of energy. A couple weeks off would probably do him good.

Not a good time of year to get a couple of weeks off. This is when all those pitching injuries really begin to hurt.

Six solid innings for Blaine. Throwing strikes, keeping the pitch count down. An encouraging sign with the postseason starting in (hopefully) four days. I suspect DVH will shut him down here and turn it over to the 'pen (which worries me a little).

It would be so nice if he could get next week off. I really don’t like that post season SEC tournament.

Phil indicated that Blaine would likely NOT pitch again until next weekend. That would seem prudent to me. You sure don’t want to stress him in the SEC tourney, but make sure that he is ready for the regional (wherever that may be.)

That’s what I have been led to believe. He might not pitch until the semifinal or final, if Arkansas makes it that far.