Matt - impressions of staff thus far?


It’s hard to answer that yet because I have not had the opportunity to meet anyone new other than Morris briefly, as well as attend the press conferences for Chavis and Craddock. So on a personal level, I can’t say much about this staff. I can’t say much about their coaching either because we haven’t seen them in a practice. Fortunately, most of these coaches have a philosophical reputation that precedes them (Morris, Craddock, Chavis) or are well-known to Arkansas fans (Lunney, Scott, Caldwell).

From what I have been able to observe, there are some devoted recruiters. I remember Stepp tweeting something about driving seven hours after a flight was canceled to make a scheduled visit with a recruit. That stood out to me. Their use of social media seems to be a cut above the previous staff. I think that might relate with recruits better, as does the relative youth of the staff. There are three who are 34 or younger and five more who are under the age of 50.

Will that relate to better recruiting? It’s too early to tell. I was impressed with the ability to commit the defensive backs, Mason and Bishop.

I think Morris handles himself well with the media, although he does recycle a lot of the same lines. He seems genuine in those settings and I’m sure that translates well on the recruiting visits, especially the in-home ones.

I hope to have an opportunity to meet with all the new assistants soon, at least by spring practice. I’ll probably have a better answer then instead of some scattered thoughts.

I appreciate the small snippets we get with Razorback video from the off-season workouts but they just aren’t long enough. Do you think there may be an opportunity for reporters to watch some of those workouts or at least get information about how they are going and how the players are taking to it? I don’t believe that’s not a normal activity that reporters are privy to, but since it’s newly structured, it would be interesting to see how it’s going.