Matt I noticed Hagen's Velo 91 today

He did not seem to have his good fastball today, just curious to why the big drop off. He is going to be closing the games and He’ll need that Velo to get it by the guys he’s going to be seeing in the World series. I noticed his control is much better perhaps he’s taking a little bit off of it so that he can control it better… what do you think?

I wonder about some of these stadiums radar guns. Accuracy & calibration

Yeah and that could very well be true. I thought last week he was in the 95 range but I’m not 100% sure of that. I know today it was 91 at the very highest.

This next week off is going to be great for the staff. And, just think, maybe having pretty much two weekends off, Wiggins can come back refreshed and slowed down and can become a factor in the CWS.


UNC’s Palermo was throwing 96 today according to the scoreboard. Turner got a hit on a 96 pitch.


That’s true and that was what was on TV also. so I don’t know.

I was thinking on the drive home that that golf outing for the pitching staff seems to have turned things around.


Yeah always good to just get away and go have fun with you friends.The team is playing well and has confidence and that is what they need going into Omaha. Stanford won so they play again tomorrow.They really don’t have much option past their top 2 and Matthews came in late today so I bet they let him go,Conn has 3 starters with ERA in the 3’s so I guess they go with 3 guy.

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I sort of felt he dialed it down a bit to throw strikes. I do think getting some rest might help him too.

I don’t know what his true velocity was. I do know it was the first time this year he has pitched back-to-back days, and velocity has a tendency to lower when that is the case.

It was 91 on TV which I assume was accurate because it had their guy throwing 96… I would think they would probably alternate Brady and Him if that is going to be the case up in dropping several miles an hour the second day especially if you’re going to be depending on your fastball as your out pitch. He amazingly has had good control for the most part since becoming the closer, I wonder is this just for now or will this carry over till next year?

I like Brady, Will and Hagen starting next year. With Wiggins as closer. And I’m high on Starks. He could close.

I read where one of the leading baseball people I forget who it was. thinks that Palette is coming back. I think we are bringing in some pretty good high school and Juco pitchers as well he will have plenty of decisions to make before it’s all over unsure. We may hit the transfer portal too.

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I’m thinking Hagen will be the closer, and I think that’s where his pro future probably lies.

I’d love to have Pallette back, but it’s hard for me to think he’ll return.

I had not heard anything saying that he would but it was a national person who was saying it so it kind of got my attention.

Sometimes players return you don’t expect.

You probably don’t know this, but DVH didn’t think Battles would return, but Battles told him he’d come back & wanted to wear #2 if he did. DVH agreed. I’m sure you haven’t heard that before just now. Most people who follow Hog baseball are unaware of it because it’s never mentioned on any broadcast. :rofl:


@neastarkie wow. Thanks for the inside info…. :rofl: