Matt, I Know It's a Road Game ...

… but any chance of hearing from DVH tonight?

If form holds, you’ll get about 5-10 minutes from DVH summarizing the 3 game series after Sunday’s game.

You will be able to see it (recorded, not live) on the Wholehogsports app, which I watch on my Roku.

Thanks, Wizard. That’s disappointing but it’s better than nothing. I know baseball games are not considered major sports and the cost of traveling is too expensive, but it sure puts a crimp in the coverage. Fans always want more. Ha!

If the hogs can win on the road by coming back late like this I’d be happy not hearing from Coach Van Horn until the Pig Trial show Sunday night!

Here are the Van Horn quotes that I have been able to get tonight:

"We got off to a good start. We had a nine- or 10-pitch leadoff at-bat that ended up in the seats and got off to a 1-0 lead. We made their starter throw 23 pitches in the first inning and it was looking pretty good, then they obviously tied it up. It didn’t look good there for a while. We gave up the lead and then we had a chance to break the game open with the bases loaded and one out, and we strikeout and the left fielder makes a great play on the ball that couldn’t have been hit any harder, and you’re thinking in the dugout, ‘Hey, What have we got to do here?’ We put together a big eighth inning and got a couple or three big hits with two outs, and that’s what we needed.”

“Blaine Knight, I thought he was OK. He didn’t have his great control like normal and they got a lot of hits on him early before he settled in. He did a good job of getting us six innings and then the bullpen took it from there. I’m just proud of the team for hanging in there on the road and getting a good comeback win.”

“There was a lot of frustration in the dugout and my comment to the team was, ‘We can really hit and we haven’t put together a good inning yet.’ I just tried to keep them motivated. In most of our wins we’re going to put together an inning where we hit three or four runs in an inning. We were kind of living off the solo home run there for a while and we finally strung together four hits in a row and it was just a great inning for us. This team is pretty resilient and they’re confident in themselves. We’ve won 33 games this year and they just feel like we’re never out of the game because we have a lot of firepower.”

“The bullpen did a tremendous job. They gave us a chance to climb back in. Loseke had two really strong innings and gave us an opportunity to catch up. Then there in the ninth it looked like he just ran out of gas. He walked the leadoff man and they bunted the next hitter….He threw two balls and we just said, ‘Hey, we’ve got to get him.’ Reindl did a super job. He ended up throwing one to the back stop but then he got to big strikeouts in a row. That was pretty great stuff right there."

Thanks for going above-board effort, Matt! Greatly appreciate it.