Matt, I have a question for you

In your opinion why did Bielema allow the DC the courtesy of leaving and make such a public display of firing the DL coach?

Great question. Maybe the DL didn’t want to leave.

Or maybe CBB was finding a scape goat for the rest of the staff

I hope that’s not the case. The whole defensive staff must share the blame, particularly the D.C.

The DC was able to find another job, the DL coach wasn’t as fortuitous.

Not his style.

Ha ha

just my opinion but probably because the d-line was suppose to had been the strength of last year’s defense and for whatever reason…underperformed badly…yes wise was injured and not at full strength…but nothing seemed to improve as the season went on…is it the players’ fault…or the coach…or both…can’t revoke the players’ scholarships for lack of performance(would be a bad precedent)so…the coach has to go

It looks to me like Robb Smith was able to find another job and Rory Segrest wasn’t.



I don’t think Robb Smith had to leave. He could have returned but not as DC. Of course, he had a multi-year contract. Rory Segrest did not.

It is my understanding that Rory was given four weeks to find another job. He could have avoided the release that he was fired. But he did not find another job in that time period.

Clay, Thanks for the inside info.