Matt how will Connor Noland play baseball

I think he is a great prospect but how will he do it? can’t do Fall Ball because of football practice and will have to go through spring training…How can he do it…also do you any more updates on Cole Turney?

Kyler Murray just signed a contract with the Oakland Athletics with a 4.6 million signing bonus and will play QB for Oklahoma next season. He figured out how to play both sports pretty well.

Yes obviously it can be done I’m just wondering how they do it

He can probably do both for a year or two, certainly during his freshman year. Both coaches knew that he intended to double at Arkansas, so I doubt either one is going to insist that their team gets priority-at least short term.

At some point before his junior year he probably will have to make a choice. That choice will be dictated by how he progresses as a college player in both sports, and how much he wants to play pro ball/comparative money for each sport.

If he’s won the starting QB job, that will be a hard choice, it’s far from a given that he would choose football unless he’s got a first or second round draft grade. If he hasn’t clearly won the job, and he is making reasonable progress in baseball, it will be tough to stick with playing football.

A good SEC pitcher gets a really nice pro contract, even a fair SEC pitcher gets drafted. A good starting SEC QB is a mid to late round draft choice. A middling starting SEC QB is probably trying to get signed as a free agent.

There are a lot of instances of quarterbacks playing college baseball. Jameis Winston and Kyler Murray are a couple of notables in recent years. I don’t know the specifics of how it is done, but it is.

Turney is playing in the Northwoods League and is batting .161 with 3 home runs and 8 RBI through 19 games. He has 31 strikeouts in 56 at-bats. He has 12 walks, which bump his on-base percentage to .309.

wow! sounds like Turney has a LONG way to go even at the plate.It will be interesting to see how we work the Noland thing out,I am a big fan of his in football and think he will eventually be the starting QB but I just saw his Pitching highlights and think he can help us next yr in baseball.

Most of these dual sport (Baseball/Football) that are successful are pitchers. His arm will be in shape in the fall from throwing footballs and he does not have to work on his hitting. He can throw baseballs some during football season to work on pitches. Is it ideal…no, but it is much more doable than trying to play a field position.

There have been people who played minor league ball in the summer and football in the fall. John Elway was one back in the day. Russell Wilson did, which may have led to his move from NC State to play for BB at Wisky; NCS coach didn’t want him off campus in the summer. Today, though, you’re expected to be on campus all summer so it might not work any more.