Matt, how many showed up tonight?

Couldn’t really tell from the crowd shots. Lower bowl looked pretty full.

They had to open the upper deck because the bottom was full

I would guess 12,000

I would agree on the 12,000 estimate. The lower bowl wasn’t 100% full, but there enough they had to let sit in the upper level to fill it.

I was told that couple of students were sitting in my seats. Did they let students in and ask them to sit in any open seat?

@docestes2 how were the roads?

Tom Murphy’s story said they encouraged fans in the upper deck to come downstairs and fill in the lower bowl.

Right at tipoff, no one was in the upper level. At some point in the game, maybe near halftime, people starting sitting up there. I’d say a few hundred wound up sitting up top.

I don’t know if there was any kind of official word about letting students fill open seats, but they did. We were surrounded by students in lower 112 and several other sections appeared to be the same. Several of the ‘old people’ sections spent significantly more time standing last night than usual. My 10yr old son and I had a blast getting rowdy with the students sitting in our section.

Kudos to all the fans that showed up last night, but especially the students–it made for a fantastic atmosphere.


Surprised more students didn’t attend the game per knowing the BWA would not be full due to weather. In our Barnhill days, an available ticket was equivalent to finding the holy grail. The roads last night looked bad & still that way this AM. Several friends in NWA have been without power since 9 PM last night. Assume campus is closed today.

What was surprising was that there were actually people in the upper level. When I first got there they had all the exit/entry openings closed with a chain like the do for women’s games. Clearly they didn’t expect to have a need for those seats last night

Absolutely no problem getting there

A little slow going home, but no real problem

And the roads everywhere today are totally clear

Yeah power was out in several areas of Fayetteville this morning. Roads were cleaned off early this morning, but they had been graded/plowed during the night. I can tell those of you who weren’t there last night that the walking conditions were getting slick after the game. Sidewalks were slushy, but pretty slick. They caught me by surprise. I slipped but didn’t fall thank goodness

I understand that Muss took the mike (after game?) and thanked the folks for coming to the game under the conditions. Pretty class act.


Yes he did do that Jim - got to love Muss

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Yeah you could see and hear him on TV as soon as the game ended,

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