Matt how good is Jordan Mcfarland

I think i read where he was supposed to be one of the better power coming out last yr and hit a couple for us.he looks to very pull happy but he is supposeed to have great power,do you think he may be one of those guys who really improves over the summer and makes a huge impact next yr…BTW I thin evan lee will be a very good hotter for us next yr,i mean really good,

I think he’ll probably be the starting first baseman next year. He has good power and will learn to go the other way. Remember Spanberger? I’m not sure he had an opposite-field hit until about March of this year.

exactly what I was thinking,the more game reps he gets he will learn to let the ball get deeper but he is supposed to have great power though from what I think i heard.

I thought McFarland would play this year after watching him in the fall. He did alright early, but once Eric Cole got going, and Spanberger settled in at first, there wasn’t a spot for him. I guess you could have put him in the outfield instead of Jake Arledge, the righthanded hitting outfielder. But Jake was having a good senior season for the most part.

McFarland is a very good prospect. I think he’ll do well. I liked his power and his ability to hit line drives. He’s likely to play first base. Jared Gates could play there, too. He’s not a great third baseman. You have Jack Kenley and Hunter Wilson to help in the infield, too. Kenley looked good in the last week of the season after not hitting much earlier.

From what I have seen this year, he was a defensive liability at first base also. However, he is a good looking ballplayer from a physical standpoint. I’m sure he can develop into a good all around player.