Matt Hobbs

Kendall Rogers reported this morning that Matt Hobbs is in New York today interviewing for the Yankees’ pitching coach position. Kendall said the Yankees interviewed Michigan’s pitching coach yesterday.

This is the second offseason in a row that Hobbs has received interest from the pros. Dave Van Horn said earlier this year that Hobbs had turned down an offer with a team - the Rangers, I think - before Arkansas hired him last year. That was not as the big-league pitching coach, but as the minor league coordinator, if I remember correctly.

I tried to find my notes but couldn’t, so this is from memory, but I had a short conversation with Hobbs early on at Arkansas about there being some pro interest in him. Essentially he told me that down the road it might be something that interested him, but last year wasn’t the right time.

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Guess you gotta expect this day in and out with a top tier program.

The success Wes Johnson had in his first year with the Twins is going to cause a lot of pro teams to look at college coaches a lot closer. The fact the Yankees are doing it tells you all you need to know about the trend that is coming.

Heard a blurb on mlb Sirius channel on Hobbs. Gave him kudos for all the technical stuff he uses. He might be on the way out sooner than later.

Hobbs wasn’t my first choice to replace Johnson but he has been a good coach. The only knock I have on him is that he isn’t quick enough about going to the mound to settle down struggling pitchers.

The problem with mound visits is that each team is limited in the number allowed and that includes visits by the catcher, etc. Once the limit is reached, any mound visit results in a pitching change.