Matt Hobbs backgrounder

I spoke to Tony Vitello, Tim Jamieson, Dave Van Horn, Matt Hobbs and Griffin Roberts for this profile on the Razorbacks’ new pitching coach. Van Horn reached out to Vitello and Jamieson during the search process, and Roberts was a walk-on pitcher who became a first-round draft pick under Hobbs at Wake Forest. … er-descri/

Great article Matt! looking forward to seeing how he worksout…has to develop several newcomers that we are going to have to count on.

I appreciate that. I enjoyed writing the article and getting to talk to those who knew him, in particular Tony Vitello, who was always so great to work with here.

i really enjoyed it…thanks

Well researched, as always. Matt did a good job.

In talking to an area head coach about Matt Hobbs, he said that I’d enjoy working with Matt. He was a big believer in what Wes Johnson did at Arkansas both in recruiting and the analytics side. He did not go along with the work with the weighted ball. The baseball community is split down the middle over the weighted ball.

But as far as the analytics and recruiting, this guy told me, “Matt is a more intense version of Wes as far as analytics and the way he works in recruiting. It’s a big-time hire. Dave continues to make good hires.”

Just in summary, what’s going to happen is that you’ll see Matt Hobbs move up eventually. He’s coming to Arkansas – in part – to be groomed to be a head coach. You see Dave Van Horn’s coaches move up. I bet Matt Hobbs is an SEC, Big 12 or ACC head coach in two years.

I hope he is a head coach in two years. If he is that means our pitching was top notch and the team as well!

I am not a fan of the weighted ball,think it adds stress to the shoulder joints (AC).

I asked Hobbs about the weighted baseballs the other day. He said he makes them available to his pitchers, but it’s their choice whether or not to use it. It’s that way in the pros, too.