Matt help!

when I get on my iPhone and go to whole hog app, the front page comes up but then a message comes up about I don’t have a subscription,but I can get on it by googling wholehog forums it with let me in. Also I can get in on my pc… I called the number this morning the person said someone fromAr-demogazette is supposed to call me back,but I haven’t heard anything. Can You help on this (I have a paid subscription)

I sent you a message.

im not real good on this board, how can I get to your message

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Tap on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Tap the envelope icon, then tap it again. Tap on your Inbox.

thanks much!!

I have the same problem with the app but not in Safari

Glad it just isn’t me that’s having problems. Thanks for information.

Same here. I have to login 2x’s each time I access on my iPhone. Frustrating. First login must be a warm up. I always get in on the second login attempt.
I’d like to know what I need to do differently as well. I also have a subscription.

Matt, I am having the same problem. When I go to read Wally or an article it asks me to subscribe.

I did e-mail tech, but I don’t know if they will help me or not.

Me as well. Also, if I log in off the board, it works, but if I do on “news”, it will not work

Remember that the news side and forum side of our site each require a login. It is the same login (username and password) for both sides, but you have to log in to each side for them to operate properly.

When I go to read Wally I get bloodshot eyes and the feeling I have been lied to.

You know you’ll get a virus from reading hally wall, or your hard drive may crash. :cold_sweat:

I am having same problem I logged in and it said error, invalid something or other, same password I’ve used for years. 2nd problem in a week. Called Sunday morning with same problem, having it again.
Good job,go internet only on paper and site doesn’t work.

But it only happens on my iPhone. I log in on my laptop and it works the first time and I can navigate anywhere on the site.

Happens on ipad they gave my wife and my iPad both

I asked IT to look into this.