Matt, have you seen any attendance estimates for our games in Arlington?

Saturday night’s game was clearly the largest crowd from what I could tell. I was thinking there had to be 20,000+ at that game. Probably less than that Friday night, but still a really good crowd. (I was surprised there weren’t more Longhorn fans there.)

The blowout on Saturday wasn’t fun, but otherwise it was a great weekend. It was my first time to see games at Globe Life Field, and it’s a fantastic venue. It’s easy to see why DVH wants to keep going back.

And just a reminder – as Matt already told us months ago, the Hogs will play Oklahoma State (again), Michigan, and Oregon State next year in Arlington. If you like Hog baseball, but you haven’t been, you need to go. It’s a great way to spend a weekend.

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I was there for the first time too. It was such a great venue and with all the Hog fans showing up, don’t know why they wouldn’t have us back every year.

The attendances announced were:

Texas: 15,721
TCU: 20,295
Oklahoma State: 16,100

Those attendances were for tickets sold each day. Given that Arkansas was by far the biggest draw, I think those are pretty close to accurate.

Arkansas is going back every year.

It was a great weekend, except for about three hours during the TCU game. Talked with a couple of local guys who were just there to watch baseball and not actual fans of any team, and they were impressed by the number of Hog fans in the building.

It’s a comfortable place to watch a game, with good sight lines for most any seats you are likely to use. Not nearly as nice as the stadiums in St. Louis, Houston or San Diego I’ve visited, but if you want to see the Hogs play away from Baum, it works very well.

I haven’t been to New Busch or Petco, but I’m a little surprised to hear you think Globe Life isn’t as nice as the Juice Box.

It’s closer to Globe Life than the other two, which are both really, really nice. It’s been quite a while since I was in Minute Maid, which was pretty new when I went, so I can’t say whether it’s been kept up well since I was there.

Globe Life is a new, very functional stadium that checked off the boxes the Rangers needed with its roll-on/roll-off roof and numerous luxury suites. It’s just does not have a lot of pizazz. They are using the perfectly good outdoor baseball stadium across the street(now called Choctaw Stadium) for XFL, rugby and I suppose anyone else that can pay to rent it.

It is difficult for me to compare outdoor stadiums with indoor stadiums. They are just too different.

I think Globe Life is a better ballpark overall than what I remember of the one in Houston. There might be some recency bias because I have not been to the one in Houston in 11 years. The Astros’ park has a little more character in terms of the short porch in left field and the train track (and of course the old Tal’s Hill in center field). The media seating is better in Houston, but that probably doesn’t matter to any of you. :grinning:

The concourses and back-of-house areas at the Rangers’ ballpark remind me a lot of AT&T Stadium.

I’ve never had a media pass at the Juice Box, but I did get seats to an Astros game once two rows in front of the Astros radio booth. Wouldn’t be surprised if Brett Dolan was on the call that night with Milo Hamilton. It was a very good place to sit (and boy did I pay for it).

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