Matt have you heard weekend rotation

I’m pretty sure Wick and Pallette go Friday and Saturday he but what about Sunday could we possibly see Noland?
Looks like iffy weather all weekend may decide something

It’s TBD.

Gosh, it would suck if we had to play nine inning doubleheaders for the 4th consecutive weekend.

They’re not going to throw Noland in for a start when he hasn’t pitched in two months. I bet he gets in a game but not as a starter.

I wouldn’t think so either but sometimes DVH will do something totally unexpected

There seems to be a lot of desire for fans to see Noland pitch.

I agree it would be great if he could add to the staff, but calling for him to start is unrealistic.

And it’s not like he has been Kumar Rocker-like in the past

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He was pretty good in 2019 and this yr he had an outing for about 4 inn that were really good and then he had a not so good outing but after that one we heard he was hurt,so I kind of throw that one out, but he’s a level headed kid who has a full yr of SEC competition under his belt and was good enough to know he can pitch in this league… He will probably get an inning or 2 soon and then we will see, don’t have many options for Sunday.

The rotation is:

Game 1 — Wicklander
Game 2 — Pallettee
Game 3 — TBA

LSU has not announced its rotation, but I’ve been told they are considering TBA in Game 2, sandwiched between Landon Marceaux in Game 1 and AJ Labas in Game 3.

Not if the plan is for him to short start, similar to Bolden in the first game of the South Carolina series. The coaches planned to get three or four innings out of him that night, then turn the game over to the bullpen.

This team is deep enough that not every starter has to provide traditional starter innings. That said, once Noland’s pitch count is built up again, I think he has proven he can provide those types of innings.

not going to be surprised if Noland starts Sunday, based on what DVH said, he said he faced live hitters Tues and threw a lot of strikes and though he did real well,DVH likes strike throwers

Marceaux is very good! as good as we’ve seen all yr,have to lay of that wipeout our hands full with him,he did real well against us in the game they won in 2019

Five innings, 2 earned runs, 7 hits, 3 walks, 2 Ks, was in line for the loss until Scroggins and Kostyshock gave up three runs in the Corndog 8th. Specifically a three-run jack by Antoine Duplantis, better known as the older brother of the world’s best pole vaulter.

yes Duplantis always hurt us!! Marceaux throws lot of downers like Kopps so if we can lay of them we will be OK, OM smoked him pretty good last week but ERA around 2 so hes been good.

He presented no problem to Vandy

Yeah he’s had a couple hiccups just like
Palette did against Bama and Rocker did against GA and Leiter did against Tenn but all you got to do is look at that 2 ERA and you can tell he’s tough, I guarantee you we would love to have him

Yep, sort of like Kopps.

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LSU announced Landon Marceaux for Game 1 and AJ Labas for Game 2. Neither team will name a starter before Game 3.

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