Matt, have you asked what % season ticket renewals were?

Today is the first day of seat selection, add, move, with the RF. It’s the worse, most open seats available, I’ve seen since we started the 3D seat selection option.

Not sure of what the % is, but I read where Hunter said we sold 30k for this season, which I believe is less than we sold in the early renewal for last season. I hope that didn’t include those sold outside of renewals.

Sorry, I did not see your initial question.

I think that 30,000 number is for renewals. I’m going off memory, but I think renewals last year were in the 32,000 range. Last year was unique in that covid hit during the renewal process.

Clay is the one who spoke to Hunter last night. Maybe he can provide some more details.

Hmm, all I know is that when I looked last Thursday on adding a ticket, it sure seemed like a lot more lower bowl seating available. It use to be that the East side was basically full, except for the section next to the visitor’s section, the section next to it was half full this time. The NEZ had more empties than last year, with really, only the first year it opened at 90% full. People were given the option last to opt out and keep their seats for this year, just appears several have opted out permanently.

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I took a peak at upgrading from SEZ club to East outdoor club and there were very few to pick from, decided to stay where I was. Not sure about season tickets, but I have several people hitting me up wanting me to buy single game tickets for them. Anybody heard a date for when they will go on sale?

I think single-game sales usually begin in July.

Yeah, at this point in the renewal process there are more lower level seats available than any years past. I’ve looked every year since they started the 3D seat improvement process, and would seem to fit with the renewal numbers being down.

I’d imagine there were a decent number of people that opted out last year, used that money for something else, and realized it was a better value. Might’ve even put that money to a nice big TV.

That big nice TV is for when we play on the road, lol, home games are to be there and experience it!

Hunter said they expect to sell a lot more season tickets now that renewals are closed. Remember that they only could renew off of last year’s sales. You cannot renew something that you don’t have from last year.

He also said that Covid recovery is still a bit of a wait and see with many folks. Have we whipped it? We will know that in a few more weeks.

Not sure I understand this.

By the time pledges and ticket orders were due last March 31, 2020, we hadn’t said there would be reduced capacity for football season. Once that happened, everyone had the opportunity to get a refund for their tickets and not lose their standing.

By March 31, 2021, everyone (whether you chose to buy tickets or not last year) had to have their pledges and ticket orders in.

The tickets I just renewed were my ones from the 2019 season, not last year. Family members that didn’t get tickets last year just renewed theirs from 2019 season as well.

I opted out last season, but I didn’t cancel. I was included in the early renewal. My foundation donation and tickets are already paid.

Some did not renew last year. That was my point. You did. It was my interpretation of what he said.

At any rate, the numbers should go up in the next month as some who did not have tickets (and maybe that goes back two years) get a chance to renew now.

This makes some sense as it’s just the renewals from last year’s ticket sales, which is I think Matt has said were in the 32k range. I believe that was figure was 92-94% of Morris last year’s number. Hopefully there have, and will be plenty of new season tickets sold, but I really don’t see the new people stepping up to the donation level required in some of the sections where we are more empty, than previous years. Who knows, maybe they saved their stimulus money!

They may just sell a lot more single game tickets. Is that a end around to avoid the donation required if the seat is empty?

My renewal time was 10:37am, on Monday. I was adding a seat, so needed 5 tickets, and we sit in the North End Zone, and at my selection time, there was a 5-seat group (thank goodness), a single 6-seat group, and a handful of 1 and 2-seat groups. the rest of the NEZ was completely taken.

I didn’t look elsewhere, since I really like the outdoor club seats, with 3 sons it just works so well. and from what you’re saying, Rice, this could have been a good time to move to the coveted East side, but I’ve really come to enjoy watching the linemen from the endzone. When a pulling guard punches out a linebacker, it is a thing of beauty to watch that hole open and a back blast through. LOVE the endzone view.


I sit in the NEZ and there’s almost complete sections empty towards the East side. Those have always been hard to sell, the sun never hits you during a day game, and listening to the other team’s band all game long, lol. This year, because they moved our seats to space us out, I sat on the East side of the goalposts, it wasn’t bad, no opposing team’s band or many fans.

The only thing I didn’t like about the East club seats was the sun in your eyes just before it dipped behind the West upper deck. And the lack of shade for those early September day games. Otherwise loved sitting there. But the view of the holes opening up from the SEZ was pretty nice too.

Yeah, I’ve gone from East outdoor, to SOC, to NEZ. I like watching the end zone look, but I remember one game we had several guests, and I got some west Pig Heaven tickets on the 40 yard line, front row. Those seats were great for getting a good look too, but I didn’t like the climb, concession lines, or bathroom lines, lol.

I’ve only sat in stands one time since I was 16. That’s 50 years in press box.

I’m sure that when I retire my wife will suggest we get tickets. Doubt I can do that. I’m spoiled. I’ve watched in a quiet environment. I will not like sitting with drunks or morons. I assume there are always some of those nearby and I would not make it through the game.

As a youngster, I sat in end zone. I liked that.

this year we sat basically on top of the opposing fans, front row and farthest east possible of the NEZ outdoor club seats, thank goodness there were no opposing bands. it was still fun, though, until we played LSU. I had to look up who was on our DL, there was ONE recognizable name. Bubba Miller played well, but man our 5th string DL was sooooooo tiny compared to the LSU OL. I felt so bad for our team, trying to play under those conditions. But they played their tails off. like they did all season.


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