Matt Goodheart

In my opinion Matt is the best success story of the season. He’s had sort of a Tiger Woods-like turnaround since the start of SEC play. He’s gone from abysmal to darned good. And while we played UAPB yesterday, he touched first base 5 times. 2 of 2 officially and three walks in 5 total at bats. Wow.

Whatever he has, I wish it were contagious. wps

He has contacts. You can have them, too!

In all seriousness, the coaches were just waiting for him to break out. He is doing in the SEC what he did at one of the best JUCO programs last year. He has a great swing and a lot of power.

In the last 5 games (ORU-UAPB) He’s slashing .588/.720/1.059 for an OPS of 1.78. He’s got 1 K and 8 walks during that span.

if you watch him closely he does a better job of anybody at swinging at strikes and staying on the pitch and staying through the middle,I have been really impressed with him against LH b/c he doesnt bale outmhe just takes the ball the other way and I saw that with the whole team Sunday and if we continue to do that it will take this offense to a new level.

Do you think that Goodheart will become a position player in the future? If so, where?

If he were to play a position every day, I think it would be first base. He has played some outfield, but I’m not sure that he is at the skill level of the other outfielders in the program.