Matt Goodheart - Slumping at .391 BA

I posted a topic a couple weeks back about Matt Goodheart. I’ve watched his bats closely since the season began because his swing is just much to like and enjoy.

Assuming my math is right, he began the season with 2 games resulting with a combined 3 for 6 result; things were looking good. Then, he proceeded to quickly march down to the Mendoza line during the next 10 games or so…it was looking bad.

Then of all good things, he obtained new contacts and his batting average quickly marched back up and to the top of the SEC results.

After the UAPB game last week his batting average rested at .402…pretty darned good nearly 40 games into the season. Well, he was only 3 of 11 against the previously #2 Bulldogs…slumping down to a gaudy .391.

I really like his swing now. 'Hope he can keep improving. wps.