Matt/ Game time tomorrow

Has it been changed?

No, it has not been changed.

Still 2 p.m. at the moment. UCLA is scheduled for an evening game tomorrow. It’s possible if the Bruins lose we could be moved into that 8 p.m. slot. TTech has 5 p.m. Central if they don’t finish off Okie Lite; suppose we could be moved there too. Louisville had a day game tomorrow so I don’t think we’d be moved there. So does Vandy.

UCLA leads 1-0 by the way. Okie Lite leads 5-4 in the ninth. Moo U is up 3-1 but this is their first game too.

As I understood it the main game that was likely to be moved was Monday. If there is a Monday game.

bracket people are really messed up I have seen the bracket shown while watching other games and have seen 7:00 and 11:00 :shock: :shock:

ESPN app shows it as 2 PM tomorrow.

So does NCAA website.

I do not think the 2 o’clock game time tomorrow is changing unless it is weather related. The Monday game time of 3 is subject to change.

I’m not trying to confuse things, but as i was watching the UCLA-Michigan game into the wee hours, they showed that side of the Omaha Bracket (including our Super) and it showed that we would be playing at Noon EST Sunday, on ESPN.

Saw it once, then noticed it again when they showed the brackets again 30-50 minutes later. So I would advise checking in again Sunday morning when you get up just to be sure.

Wiz that’s what i was talking about earlier that the Brackets that are showing on TV are wrong I have seen us playing at 7 and 11…don’t know where they are coming up with that.

No change in time. It’s still 2 pm Sunday.

Thanks for re-confirming, Clay.

As for why the mistake was made, I can only speculate that they were using a graphic that contained game times for 'Saturday instead of Sunday. We DID start our game yesterday at Noon EST.

Anyhow, will be watching at 2 PM today (Central)