Matt: Franklin Getting Plunked

Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but after the big Friday night, what do you think about Franklin getting nailed by the first pitch he saw yesterday?

Maybe it was just a strange coincidence, but it sure looked intentional to me. Can’t help but think Christian felt the same given his epic bat flip after the HR.

Just curious about your thoughts on it and how you think DVH and the team perceived it.

In my opinion, it was intentional given the Twitter back and forth between Franklin and a MSU player before the season started. I’d also say it fired CF up considering his production yesterday

And perhaps he was due.

I hope they hit him again today… two more HR’s would be nice.

Surely no one would hit a batter intentionally?

I get it, but didn’t think it happened much in college baseball. Also, I hadn’t seen anyone mention it.

I was pissed when it happened, but when it wasn’t talked about I thought I may have been overreacting.

My son in law played at UALR. He says intentional HBP happens in D1 baseball. But not a lot.

I have a hard time believing he was hit on purpose in that situation.

What I see is Arkansas’ hitters crowding the plate as much as they ever have this season and getting hit a lot because of it. Franklin has been hit five times, which is tied with two others for most on the team.

Makes sense. Thanks, Matt.

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