Matt: Football Gamday Changes


There was a thread awhile back about the gameday experience in Fayetteville and the consensus was it could benefit from changes apart from a better product on the field.

You said the AD’s staff had been studying some of the things done last year at Texas and you felt changes may well be coming. … experience

Have you heard anymore about progress on this front? If not, any chance you could ask about it the next time you visit with HY?

PS Reading the article I linked above very much reminds me of the “scripted” feel inside DWRRS’s stale presentation. Del Conte gets it - hope HY does.

I think you’ll see quite a few changes this year. I hope to visit with Hunter about it sometime. Just in passing conversation, I do think he gets that the game-day presentation has staled.

Very good to hear…

I hope they won’t tone down the music or sound effects to appease Nate Allen. The music played too loudly for some ears is exactly what is done in every stadium in the SEC. The folks who think the music is too darn loud at Razorback Stadium I would guess have not been to a game at LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Miss St, etc. You would be amazed at the level of sound coming from the speakers at those stadiums. That’s what gets the crowds going now days. I’m 55 and I want whatever it takes to get the stadium as loud as possible for the other teams to contend with and get our crowd as excited as possible.

I know ads pay the bills but at a live event I do not want commercials with audio played on the Pig Screen!

That’s not what Jackson is talking about. It is more about limiting the number of on-field introductions and ads, creating a better atmosphere outside the stadium and doing some things to get the students more involved. If anything, that probably will lead to more piped-in music, not less.

I get that all things being equal, the world belongs to the new, not the old. That said, it’s hard for me to understand why anyone would want to hear that crappy noise at ear-splitting volume when there is a good football game to watch.

Football has always been a game with plenty of sound. There’s nothing like an organic roar from the crowd when the home team is making a big play. Add in a marching band with some clever numbers, some well-time Hog Calls and that’s all the noise needed.

Now, I’m in agreement that the presentation can and should be improved. But if part of the process is jacking up the artificial sound, that’s just another good reason for me to retire my season tickets and make way for someone else who conflates SEC football with a rave.

It just fits with the current generation’s need for stimulation (or ‘medication’) during all waking hours. Drives me nuts. I actually like to watch the FOOTBALL, and discuss it with the other people I’m with - silly me.

I am hopelessly old-fashioned. I don’t want a college football experience to be like a pro experience. I want cheers, hog calls, and things unique to the school.

What I want is to make our stadium as difficult for our opponents as they make it for us. If Alabama and LSU are going to do it to us, we need to reciprocate.

I agree with you completely on that. But it takes football savvy fans to know when to yell and when to shut up.

I do not think the loud music is going to change. Doesn’t bother me one bit.

Yes - mostly better gameday atmosphere outside the stadium and less in game introductions. They are atmosphere killers!!

I see the same introductions all across the SEC. Not any different at Arkansas. For those who travel to away games, you know I’m telling the truth. The TV commercials are the killers. No way to sustain noise level for that long.

My last road game was South Carolina in 2017. They had in game introductions, but not nearly as many as in Fayetteville or at least that was the impression our group had. But yes, the TV commercials are indeed an issue, but there have to be better alternatives for keeping fans engaged in the game than a guy in a Bigfoot suit playing hide n seek.

I don’t think many come close to Arkansas in the volume of on-field recognitions. I’d venture to say there are eight or more per game - a few different teams, a veteran, a booster, a notable alum, a local representative for a corporate sponsor. Frankly, it’s so overdone that I just tune it all out, and at the end of most games I couldn’t tell you anything about who was on the field or why.

This. TV is killing sports with all of the stoppages for commercials, in-game spot ads, and having to have a report from the sideline which is really not informative anyway.

I looked at the clock they have on the field now for commercials during games, and there were several during the games that were 3:45 seconds. That’s just ridiculous.

Jackson - I too was at that road game against South Carolina. Question, where your tickets on the Arkansas side by chance? Our were around the end zone up about 20 rows. Reason I ask is all I can remember from that game was when the clouds parted how INCREDIBLY HOT and SAUNA like it got on that side of the stadium. Unreal intense sun! I have never sweated that much at a game and there was not a dry person around us. Couple of hung over Hog fans a couple rows up lost their breakfast and pregame festivities it was so hot lol. Absolutely the hottest game I have ever attended!

Only good thing about that 3:45, it gives you enough time to go in the NEZ and get a beer.

YES! Drank a few beers before the game and could not get enough water during the game. Another hot one was a noon EST kickoff for the Georgia game in 2010 - the Child’s please game. Absolutely brutal!!

I love music and playing it loudly before and during a game is great! But, the ear splitting techno pop crap they play before the game is just incessant noise in my opinion. I will not come into the stadium , until right before kick off because of this. It doesn’t seem to get the crowd excited at all from what I observe.