Matt does Evan Lee comeback

i think he could have a big yr next yr if he comes back.He just more reps at the plate and the mound and he will be fine…what does he do?

He is going pro.

well I can’t say that I blame him he has not been used at all really.It looks like we have some very good LHP coming in and that may play into as well.

Of the guys drafted, who (if anyone) do you think is most likely to return? I’d think all the pitchers other than Zay (maybe) start their pro careers this summer.

Reindl and Loseke are in that gray zone where they might not get quite enough money. But now is when they have leverage.

I’m hoping McKinney gets healthy and can return to the mix, either as a starter or in relief.

I think there is a good chance that Isaiah Campbell and Zack Plunkett come back.

I figure the same on Reindl and Loseke. Both drafted by elite orgs with money to spend, especially if they can get creative with their slotted draft picks. Of the two I think Reindl is more likely to make The Show, though both are likely organizational depth. I’d love to have 'em back, but it’d be hard to pass up pro ball with the club picking up the rest of my college expenses.

He has been used, but he was not real effective in conference play, either as a pitcher or a hitter. His SEC-only ERA was 5.62 and his SEC-only batting average was .238.

The last three times he pitched - vs. Texas A&M, Georgia and South Carolina - did not go well. He faced a combined five batters and allowed two hits (one being the game-winning home run by Georgia) and issued two walks.

wow we have a lot of shoes to fill on both sides better really enjoy this yr

The cubbard won’t be totally bare! The hogs have 3 really good players to build a line up around. Casey Martin, Heston and Fletcher. That’s a pretty good start!
On the mound if Campbell comes back he may be able to anchor a pitching staff to build around.

I agree that’s a great trio to build around but to lose 2/3 of your starters and 2/3 of your bullpen is a lot overcome. Hopefully two or three of these freshmen can be similar to Martin and kjerstad and some of these pitchers that are supposed to be really good come in and fill in the spots will have to play a different brand of baseball next year.

Pretty much true most years. This year was unusual with the 3 seniors coming back (Shaddy, Bonfield, Gates) and draft-eligible junior (last year) Knight also returning.

Thing is, with all the folks that will be leaving, what is returning is something you can surely build around and be very competitive right away.

Wiz on the Mound Ramage and Bonnin will need to have have a good year. Along with the Lefty from California. The big question is will Campbell come back for next year? Cronnin will be stronger and I hope he can come up with another pitch to go along with the gas and slider.
Ours hogs still have games to be played this season in the CWS. Let’s enjoy this bunch of Hogs.

Seems like Campbell is probably coming back. Kostyshock has a lot of potential, too. I think I read Kopps will be back. He can be a very good reliever. You sure can’t count on anyone coming back from 2 TJ surgeries but I hurt for McKinney. I would love to see him come back simply for the fact he has been through so much.

Just impinge how deep the pitching would have been with McKinney and Knopps this year. If they both recover and are able to pitch next season it would give some depth! Especially if Campbell comes back.

Will Connor Noland be a factor.

I am being told Loeske is a real good bet to go pro.