Matt do you think we're still hosting a regional

I know the RPI has gotten worse after the collapse at Bama. Do we have to win a game or two at Hoover or do you think we still host based on 38 wins and 18 wins in the SEC?

I haven’t really taken time to look at what all happened elsewhere after Friday. But I have no doubt Arkansas’ chances were hurt this week. If Arkansas is a regional host, I think it would be seeded somewhere in the 14-16 range right now — right on the cut line.

Like it or not, results are scrutinized more at the end of the year and the Alabama loss hurts this team more than it would have in April. I think the Razorbacks need to win games in Hoover to fortify their case for hosting.


That’s about what I was thinking… thanks

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Going to Stillwater as the #2 Accord D1 Matt I actually like this region for us to be honest

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