Matt do you see any incoming pitchers making an impact next yr

I have heard great things about Noland but are there any others that might break into being a weekend starter…I would hope Campbell would come back and Murphy too but don’t know about it…what are some names we should look for?

It’s kind of hard to say this far out. I get a better feel in the fall.

The pitchers I have heard the most about are Noland, Wade Beasley from Horatio and Patrick Wicklander, a left-hander from California. That isn’t to say others won’t come in and compete right away. I didn’t know much about Heston Kjerstad until last September.

Heston came in and took a starting job!

Ok thanks

More Kjerstads’ please.

More Casey Martins wouldn’t hurt either.

Anytime you can add 2 freshmen that can play everyday and have a dominant impact you are in good shape now and next year! Please get a couple that can compare to them for next year.