Matt. Could you explain the

email HY sent about baseball for this spring. We know tickets will be limited, understand there will be no tailgating, and that parking could be a problem BUT when it talks about there won’t be any season ticket renewals only single game tickets that’s where he lost me and several others!

This wasn’t the case in football, men’s basketball or women’s basketball so why is baseball different. I think HY has some explaining to do or am I interpreting this whole thing wrong?

I sent a request earlier today asking for clarification about some of the baseball attendance policies, and that was one of my questions. I’ll pass along once I find out.

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I didn’t get the email, but my guess is because there is so much demand for baseball tickets, they’re going to give any single buyer a maximum of maybe 8-10 games so that everyone can get some tickets. Just a guess though.

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