Matt Corral on crutches

Matt Corral injured at Sugar Bowl and is on crutches. Projected to be 2nd QB taken in 2022 NFL Draft.

That is an awful break for him. He was definitely the MVP in their win over us.

He’s part of the reason Ole Miss won the other half of the equation goes the refs and the replay crew that screwed the hogs.

People are gonna say he should’ve opted out. I don’t know whether they are right or wrong, but I have to tip my cap to someone who wants to finish what they started. I personally hope he will be OK and has a good career in the NFL. He has my respect regardless.


He’s a great kid! gave everything he had for his team,just hope it not too serious and he can get to play in the NFL…like the way he plays…he’s a tough kid


He earned my respect.


Clint Stoerner tweeted that he doesn’t think Corral will fall in the draft, and his willingness to play and fight for his team might even help him with NFL executives. I believe I saw something that indicated he did not have a break, so that should bode well for him.

I’ve got to hand it to him – Corral is a gamer.


I thought it interesting that he returned to the field without his foot taped-up or in a boot.

There is an art to injuring a ball carrier and Baylor has always been good at dirty tricks. You fall onto their legs, knees, or ankles as you tackle them from behind at the waist. You throw in a good twist as your weight lands on the knee or ankle and bad things happen to the one being tackled. I have never forgiven Baylor for the 260 pound all american tight end who they put on the kickoff receiving team front line for the sole purpose of injuring Steve Little. He “went offsides” and crashed into Little just as he kicked with his leg extended and knocked him out of the game. After a five yard penalty, we re-kicked and played the rest of the game without the best kicker in college football that year. It looked to me like they still work hard to play dirty football in Waco.


@Hogmodo I’ll never forget that and many other “dirty” things associated with Baylor. Teaff was not a choir boy…I’ve heard things from a former player about him.

I have great respect for Corral too. Seems like a good guy.

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Because of the legacy of Grant Teaff and Baylor, I find it very hard to ever pull for them. However, they were playing the reb-necks (or flop-necks, take your pick.) I despise Ole Piss, so my choice was go bears (intentional lower case).

One of the few times I have watched a game with absolutely no bias. Really didn’t care which despised team won. Felt bad for Corall, and I join the chorus of those singing his praises for putting his love for the game and his team above the almighty dollar.


I go with bears. I hate Swines stupid, crazy, bumb, simple minded, or naive Names.

Or whoever thought that simple minded names up.

Corral had negative x-ray but was too injured to return. He should be ok going into the draft. QB is most important postion on team and Ole Miss will definitely miss him over the next couple of years.

On another Ole Miss note they are losing couple more coaches to go with the OC. So seems they have some rebuilding to do next year.


Hope he is correct. The young man is a talented QB with guts. I hope he has a successful career. I also hope we don’t ever have to play against him again, he is a gifted competitor.

Actually Ole Miss does not use the bears. I think that Reb-necks fits them perfectly. They are still the Rebels and use the Shark mascot.

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Rebnecks is great, flopnecks is comedic genius. And factually accurate


All the schools could be called this. I just don’t like the names, period. Just IMO though.

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I smile as I remember hearing our beloved Coach Broyles say ‘Bayluh’. They really were a nasty, dirty playing team. I thought OSU was dirty-as usual- trying to hurt some of the Utah players.

Ya he never lost that Georgia accent thankfully.