Matt - comment on new format of WholeHogSports app on Roku

I noticed that the presentation of WholeHogSports on Roku had changed yesterday. In general, it looks better.

However, I do have an issue with one aspect - one I think and hope is easily fixed.

Previously, when I selected a sport and then saw the options for videos to view, there was a “date posted” superimposed on the screen grab picture for that video. In a glance, I could tell if the “Coach Morris reviews Practice” video was from today, or last week. That has been removed. So, in looking at the various interview titles, it wasn’t clear if those were from yesterday after practice, or from before spring break.

Can we bring the dates back?


I will check with our developers about that. I appreciate the feedback and encourage any other feedback you have.

Is this only available on ROKU?

No, it is available on all streaming platforms - Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Google Play.

We recently switched our provider from one company to another, and updated our interface in the process. If you have the app and haven’t updated in the past week, I would encourage you to do so.