Matt/Clay: Where do you find the attendance

size how many people they can hold for each team in SEC? Thanks!

I’m not sure there is a one-stop site for that information. I would go to all the individual team sites to find it.

You can get an idea by looking at the attendance figures from the NCAA. Here is the latest one: … division=1

That’s an interesting link, Matt. I’m seeing 6 of the top 7 in attendance from the SEC. Hogs 4th in the nation.

I think the SEC has the top six attendances most years. Texas A&M’s has been down slightly this year, but it also has had fewer SEC series than most teams; three of its final four series, including Mississippi State and Arkansas, are in College Station.

Arkansas finished fourth last year. I’ll be interested to see how that looks after the Ole Miss and Vanderbilt series, which should be good draws if the weather cooperates.

I’m also surprised to see Nebraska and UL-Lafayette so high.