Matt, Clay, other than Rob Childress

And Tony Vitello, which SEC Coaches do you think DVH respects the most? Which ones (past and present) dies he confide in the most?

Any idea?

Paul Mainieri might respect him more than any coach in the league. I’ve had some conversations with Mainieri about Van Horn, and he goes on and on about his respect for him.

I’ve always wondered why Bianco’s kid went to LSU. I understand not wanting to play for your dad, but going to a division rival? Junior may not have much respect for the way Dad does things.

Mike Bianco played at LSU and was an assistant there for a while. Here is an article from 2017 that explains Bianco did not want any of his sons to play for him.

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Mainieri is a lot like DVH, he demands that his players show respect for the game and other teams. I have seen him (and Childress) grab a player who has done something to show up the opposition. They left no doubt about the right way to behave.

Matt, I think you flipped the original question around. :wink:

Tim corbin has mutual respect for DVH, two way with those guys. Both compliment the other beyond the expected media palabrum.

I tend to think there is a good deal of respect between the coaches who have been in the league for a long time — Van Horn, Corbin, O’Sullivan, Bianco, Mainieri and Childress.

The OP asked which SEC coach does Dave confide in the most. I’ll try to work through that as best I can with knowledge of Dave’s thoughts after talking to several close to him.

I have seldom heard Dave talk much anout the other coaches in specific terms other than Childress. I asked about him and he said they talk a lot and are still friends.

I don’t believe Dave talks to Corbin much. Respectful of Corbin, yes. But they are not close. Do they talk, no.

Ray Tanner was the SEC coach that Dave talked to the most.

I think there are three that Dave talks to:

O’Sullivan, Florida
Childress, A&M
Manieri, LSU

Corbin not in that loop. Sorry Ray.

From watching Corbin coach 3rd, and listening to a couple interviews, he seems to be a little odd…just my opinion based on very limited exposure.

Corbin has the Personality of a 2 by 4.dont know many who would have him on speed dial. Great coach but Lil strange to me,about like Belichik

The cost of 2x4s is same as a Vandy education these days.


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