Matt/Clay/other does CSP's Staff compare to Kiffin's?

If you line them up, position by position, how does it compare from a quality & $ perspective?

I’m guessing we come out ahead in both categories, but what do I know.

Another interesting comparison would be between Sam’s staff and Drinkwitz at Mizzou. It appears to me that our staff is particularly well set up to recruit well against Mizzou. It is very interesting that Sam has coaches with very strong recruiting connections in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, the Junior Colleges, Florida, AND Georgia. The potential wide recruiting net on this staff may be unprecedented at Arkansas.

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I was just getting ready to ask Clay for his or his contacts assessment of this staff. They are mostly names to me. Would love to hear what people who really know thinks instead of us expert coaches on this board.

Has CSP named a strength & conditioning coach yet?

Jamil Walker, who is a young up-and-commer and was UGA’s #3 guy, will be the main S&C coach. Ed Ellis, who was UGA’s #2 guy, will follow him here. Most people have been saying incredible things about Walker, so I assume this is a good hire. What makes it a great hire is the addition of a well-known, been-there-done-that S&C guy who can show him the ropes on the administration portion of his duties.

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I read the bios of eight staff members at Ole Miss. Decent staff. There are some names I’ve heard of, but most are not coaches I know much about. The O-line coach and the OC have Baylor pedigrees. It would seem that Briles (father and son) mentored the OC. The O-line coach is a veteran. I would be hard pressed to tell you if one staff stands out, but I would think that they spent similar money and got similar experience. There are still two yet to appear on the official staff list.

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