Matt . . . Clay . . . need some help.

Just noticed that a couple of PM’s I thought I had sent - one a couple of days ago, the other a few minutes ago - are sitting in my PM “Outbox”. I have no idea why they were not sent when I hit the “send” button. Nor do I know how to get them sent. Never had that problem before.

FWIW, I did note that I got a “your message has been sent” type message after “sending” the most recent message. Believe I did for the older one as well.

Can you help?

Not Matt or Clay, but I believe this is the same situation they explained a few months ago. I think it doesn’t go into the “sent” box until the receiver opens the message.

Harley is exactly right.

Messages that you send will be in your outbox until read by the recipient. Once they read the message, it will be moved to Sent.

Now that you mention it, I do remember reading that here a few months ago. Obviously, I had since forgotten (imagine that!).

Thanks to both of you.