Matt/Clay In reference to 2016

signing class. There were 3 players we tried to sign but all signed with MLB teams, one of which was for a very small amount . Van Horn said back in 2016 if he had known that he would sign for such a small amount I wouldn’t have bothered to recruit him. He was not happy to say the least. Do you remember who that was and where they are playing now?


The three players they lost in 2016 were catcher Ben Rortvedt, infielder Cole Stobbe and right-handed pitcher Tyler Benninghoff.

Rortvedt is in A-advanced and is climbing through the Twins organization at a quick pace. Stobbe is in A for the Phillies and has not hit well. It appears Benninghoff is going to be on another short-season team for the Twins.

I don’t believe bellhog was referring to any of those 3; none of them signing was a surprise, nor did they sign “cheap”. He must be thinking of a different season.