Matt, Clay, Dudley: Why not Kiffin?

Screwing other peoples wives is a character issue

Or daughters…if you believe the rumors about his departure from Bama.

Why not, we just let them fire the AD

If true, yes, these are character issues. I had not heard these “rumors” until on this thread. That’s why I started this post. I want to know the issues. Are these facts, or just rumors created by Bama fans that didn’t like him?

That’s one reason why it’s good to have a search firm to vet the potential hires.

Disagree about Norvell.

Memphis under Fuente:
2012: 4-8 (4-4 in conference)
2013: 3-9 (1-7)
2014: 10-3 (7-1)
2015: 9-3 (5-3) did not coach bowl game

Memphis under Norvell:
2016: 8-5 (5-3)
2017: 10-2 (7-1) Bowl game hasn’t happened yet

Don’t, get me wrong, I don’t want Kiffin, but this is the one reason I’m hesitant about Norvell, plus he will need a good DC

I think that says more about the wives than it does Kiffin. You’re assuming he knew they were married.

No matter who we hire, there’s a risk that it won’t work out. Odds aren’t very good. Great coaches elsewhere are rarely great once they move to the SEC.

Seems volatile. That’s the best way I can describe it. Maybe he’s matured. Don’t know. And has not seemed like a consistent winner. He has great training and been in the hot seat at big-time programs. Risky. Of course, my wife picked me. That was extremely risky.

I think when it comes to Kiffin for me…

I don’t have to see a turd to know it stinks. This is one we shouldn’t step in. Sometimes it’s hard to scrape it off your boot and the smell lingers.

Just my half cents worth of questionable wisdom.

Sounds like these are rumors spread by Bama fans after the 2015 loss to Ole Miss:
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The rumor was that Kiffin had slept with Saban’s daughter and the wife of a major booster. Do you really think that Saban would have kept Kiffin around in 2016, had there been any truth to these rumors?

Kiffin and his wife did divorce in 2016.

TVHog, as I said earlier, go look up his alter ego, Joey Freshwater. That has been followed down the rabbit hole by Clay Travis ad nausem. It is very true that Lane’s infidelity and drinking combined with his wife’s desire to live out of the fishbowl of the south and back in California led to his divorce. Whether or not he slept with Saban’s daughter is anyone’s guess. Lets just say business was down in local watering holes upon his leaving town.

We should have already hired him…the anti-Lane stuff is so dumb it makes my head hurt. All people are talking about are rumors and innuendo.

He wasn’t ready for the Raiders job. He left Tenn. to take the job at USC…almost any coach would have done the same thing. Was it a messy ending? A little but most endings are somewhat messy…that’s why they end! Remember, USC was getting hammered by the NCAA when he took over. Tough to win big with all that going on. Nick Saban thought enough to turn his offense over to him and they were very successful. He then excelled with FAU this year. Are there any NCAA violations or smoke? Has he done anything criminal?

This guy would be an instant winner and a recruiting machine. This is EXACTLY who we need…But, we’re not going to look at him because of rumor and innuendo…nothing substantiated. Sad…

I agree. What kind of coach is he today? What kind of recruiter is he today? Has he shown growth? Is he hungry to get back into the SEC and prove himself? We have contracts to keep coaches from bolting for the greener grass. His life’s journey has made him a better. I’m betting most of us could say the same about ourselves.

I don’t know who he slept with. Don’t much care. My issues with Petrino weren’t who he banged, its that he hired her and lied about the whole thing.

The things about LK that give me cause are that he has already failed at USC and the Raiders and left a dumpster fire at EOE, that his “great recruiter” tag has not translated to on-field success, and that he won at FAU with Charlie Partridge’s leftovers, since his only FAU class was ranked 60th. And yeah, tweaking Nick Saban on Twitter is not real smart given Bummer’s place on Tennessee’s schedule (and ours), and does not speak well to his maturity.