Matt, Clay, Dudley or anyone know what happened to 99.5

radio today. I was driving from Bella Vista to Rogers trying to listen to Ruskin & Zach with not much success. I could hear that 99.5 was some Country station with the same call letters as ESPN Radio 99.5 but it faded out when they were saying where it’s station was located. To say the least ESPN Radio is a very weak station. Does anyone where ESPN 99.5 transmitter is located and are they aware of problems of bleed over from this other station with same call letters.


The 99.5 signal is weak in Benton County. I think the transmitter is on the east side of Springdale, near Sonora.

I’m surprised you were able to get it in Bella Vista. It typically goes out on me around the Central Ave. exit in Bentonville and is spotty father north. I think 99.5 has an AM companion, but not sure how strong the signal is up there.

There is a 100,000-watt classic country music station out of Oklahoma. My truck thinks that is what I’m listening to if I turn on 99.5. I hear sports talk, but the text on the screen is stuck on “Toby Keith.”

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It was out in most of their usual area. They would not say what was problem. I’m guessing it was equipment issue at tower.

I know Clay is a big fan of Ruscin and Zach.

The FM signal is basically a line of sight propagation, So a lot of power is not needed.
AM stations however, skip and at night a 50,000 watt station like KARK WSM. etc. can cover hundreds or thousands of miles. I used to listen to KARK here in Georgia when they broadcast Hog games. I can still get that station after dark here in North Georgia,

Of course satellite radio of any format can hit half the planet. since they are thousands of miles up there.

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