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I have found the reaction of many former Razorback athletes (football, baseball and basketball) on Twitter to be surprising. I expected them to come down on the side of the players…especially the ones who spoke after the game Saturday…but they were critical of the team and/or reaction…essentially to paraphrase they all said “If you don’t want to get boo’ed don’t give them a reason to boo. Show some heart and be Razorbacks”…Joe Serrano was very blunt and brutal…Their reactions surprised me

Your thoughts?

I haven’t heard but would be curious to know what Tyler Wilson has said…

I think former players are fans just like everyone else. When they see a team playing poorly, they respond emotionally.

I, too, was a bit surprised at just how bluntly honest many of them were even before Jared Cornelius’ comments. For many of the guys who have moved away from Arkansas, they carry the school pride with them and it’s a big part of their identities. To see a performance like that - and the comments that followed - I’m sure it is disheartening. Like Matt said, they are fans and get emotional, too.

They care as much or more than the fans since they have sweat equity involved.

They get frustrated just like everyone else.

I also noticed many of them came back with more toned down tweets afterwards

I thought the responses underscored the different cultures in the programs.

The baseball team bounced back from the worst season in a generation with arguably the best one in school history.

The football team responded from one of the most embarrassing losses in school history and one of the worst stretches in school history by complaining about fans booing the decision to bring back a QB who was playing horrendously.

Now, maybe they were just responding to direct questions. I get that. Maybe they felt like they were just getting their teammate’s back. I get that.

But—particularly J-Red—who I love and who I personally saw after the AU beatdown last year and tried to encourage him to keep his head up with his rehab, came across preachy.

He has a right to be frustrated. He’s been through a lot. What I would have preferred to see, though, is briefly getting his QB’s back and then saying something like this: … 62d37.html

Booing isn’t cool. It shouldn’t have happened. But there’s not 1 major program in America where it wouldn’t have happened following the CSU debacle, the UNT pantsing and the decision to leave in a QB who looked like he was a right tackle playing a HUNH QB.

The fact that their first response was to complain about that and not take ownership of all the things that led to that booing is indicative of the major difference between the culture of the baseball and football teams.

I actually was talking to someone about that Sunday night. You won’t last long in Dave Van Horn’s program without personal accountability. When those guys mess up, they own it, and that’s a reflection of a head coach who is prone to own his mistakes and isn’t one to make excuses.


Very insightful Wiz…again.

Good comments Matt. Mahalo.