Matt: Charlie Welch

He is one of the better hitters on the team but sees limited action. Leach seems to always play ahead of him as reserve catcher (presumably Leach will be the starting catcher next season after Opitz is gone) and Goodheart is the starting DH. Will Welch be the full-time DH next season if Goodheart leaves? Goodheart leaving seems not a given if he gets a free year like most, and if he is still rehabbing from his shoulder injury. Welch seems to be too good to at the plate to not play regularly. Could we lose Welch in the transfer portal?

Leach is the better catcher. Not many times will you pick the better hitter in the decision on who should catch. It’s a defensive position. Blocking and throwing is so important at that position. Leach is going to be a dynamic catcher and has learned so much from Opitz.

I like Leach as a catcher A LOT. He came to school early so he could learn from Casey. It seems to me that he has profited from that.


Welch doesn’t play any other position I guess.
Catchers are usually just that, catchers.

Florida throwing a LH Friday night I hope Welch is at DH and let Goodheart have a night off, he’s 0- for his last 4 games

Goodheart may need a day off. Welch can sure get on base. He goes to bed at night ready to hit the ball!

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Perfect time to let Welch get 4 AB he’s deserveing of it.

Goodheart is still getting on base; two walks last night. Welch is valuable where he is, but wouldn’t mind seeing him get a few more ABs. Matt is going to snap out of it though. We’re gonna need him in postseason.

Thank you Welch

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Ditto on Welch. Goodheart finally broke the oh-fer and I hope that gets him going.

Actually, its 0 for his last 6 games. I posted this 2 games ago. He’s still rocking his bat back after the pitch has left the pitcher’s hand. He’s never going to make good contact when his swing starts with a backward motion with his bat. Can’t believe the coaches haven’t corrected this, or if Goodheart just isn’t listening to them

He was actually 0 for his last 5 games 0-16 coming into the game and yes I noticed he’s falling away from the ball a good bit when he starts his swing because hes trying to pull everything ,I think he needs to start looking the other way like his 1st yr here and hit. 345,that will keep him on the ball better, he was better on his last AB was good to see him have a Great AB and get a hit.

Goodheart hasn’t really hit LH pitching well all yr, I would love for Welch to DH against LH, he’s more than earned that, he’s been phenomenal! Haven’t seen him take a bad swing all yr.

Welch said in postgame that he and Leftwich go way back, faced each other in HS and went to the same baseball academy, small world!Welch is a really sharp guy, need to listen to him in postgame, He’s very mature and professional, really hope he stays and is DH next yr.

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