Matt - Chad Morris Salary/Offset

Agree Jr - Steve Sullivan also agrees as do dozens of others responding to his tweet. Sully is very good at the subtle dig😎

Uh, we fired him and asked him to go away. Why do we care at this point? Are we now going to talk about him for the next several years? He failed miserably, we said leave and he did. Should he have made a statement, sure. Do I care? no.

Despite doubts about his ability to succeed as a coach, hope that CM remains employed at Auburn or elsewhere so that the Razorback foundation pays him less $ from his buyout.

We gave CM the opportunity & made him wealthy so believe that the fans & players were entitled to some level of gracious thanks from him. His non-statement only supports his lack of class & him being an empty suit. Our bad for hiring him & the compensation guarantees made to him.

Which brings up the question, how much is he getting paid? If it is not in line with similar positions, why not, as with Bielema at New England, a clear ploy to rip off the University of Arkansas.

I think you do care or you wouldn’t have taken time to carry on this thought. Your right.

I think you are still ripping on Bielema. And he walked into interviews after getting fired. So are most.

That’s everyone’s right to rip em. They coached poorly.

I don’t think it matters either way.

No thank you’s are necessary, but an apology would have been nice. Imo

Well, I didn’t bring up the subject on this thread, but when someone threw me a slow fastball down the middle I just had to knock it out of the park. Just couldn’t resist!:grinning:

I would call it more a long foul, a very long foul. As a matter of fact if history is a predictor of the future, it could well fly for two or more years. I agree with Clay, it seems time to move forward.

I think of Jackson as a pitcher not a hitter. He could start or close. And he’d do middle relief if asked.

As for Bielema, dang right I’m still ripping him - I would think any Razorback Foundation donor that doesn’t appreciate being cheated would rip him too!

Kudos to T. Scott Varady for standing up to him on behalf of all Razorback Foundation donors!

Morris did very little right during his time as the head coach of the Razorbacks. Not issuing a thank you to the entire Razorback nation is just one more insult to the people who have paid his ridiculous 4 million dollar salary and will still have to pay an exorbitant buy out to the ungrateful, incompetent coach.

Good bye and don’t let the door knob hit you in the a**.

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This is how I feel. Honestly, I didn’t even know whether he did or did not make a statement. I also don’t care. I’ve moved on. Don’t really want to se his name on this board ever again, or CBP’s or CBB’s or Gus’s, just this team. That’s what I care about.