Matt: Can you find out why

the number 4 team is not scheduled on scheduled on TV after May 7. HY ought to be raising all kinds of hell at league office. I seriously doubt this would happen if were Alabama or Auburn! Completely ridiculous to say the least!

The baseball TV schedule is usually set preseason.

That’s no excuse

The schedule is made before the season. There is flex scheduling for the final weekend that allows for networks to claim the games that matter most in the conference or division races.

All of Arkansas’ games are going to be streamed.

To be honest, any SEC series is worth televising. And baseball isn’t like football where they pick the TV games as they go. It’s all done really early.

Some teams the TV folks thought were really good like Ole Miss and Miss State suck.


Streaming works just fine for me except I can’t record them on ESPN plus.

The defending NC team Miss State and the preseason #1 Ole Miss were given more credit and stay time than many other teams. I think it’s funny they both stink. One of these 2 teams may not make it to Hoover that’s even more hilarious!
As long as I can stream the hogs it’s fine with me.

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Bless their hearts

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Arkansas’ May 20 game at Alabama has been moved to SEC Network.

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