Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell , 37 yr old coach of Iowa State, is leading his team to a win over OU in the fourth quarter. I think he lead Toledo to a victory over our Hogs in Little Rock. For all the people who say we can’t get anyone to coach here, remember Matt Campbell.

Iowa does not have a population base that much different from Arkansas and they support a Big 10 school and a Big 12 school. Matt Campbell is one topyoung coaching prospects in the nation.

38-31 win in Norman with his number three qb. Wow.

That’s one thing we’ve yet to see from CBB - when the chips are down and you’ve lost your qb or your top Rb - to be able to pull off an upset win over a top ranked team. Impressive win by the Cyclones.

Iowa State is much improved - lost a tough OT game to Iowa. He makes about $1.5MM a year.